Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A look at China's ancient 'donut-like' homes

xiamen tulou -- inline 1

          I am always on the look out for new ideas when it comes to earth building. Here is one that is most interesting. The ancient China's rammed earth round or 'donut-like' homes. These consist of multiple levels with a kind of central court. These are really awesome.

          Take the time to read this article. It is really interesting. This could be a great way of using the Superadobe technique of building to make a larger structure for a small village or town taking up the least amount of space while still building with earth. It is something I am going to explore more with the idea of building the sustainable Druid community.

China's ancient 'donut-like' homes: Where to see the tulou

xiamen tulou -- inline 6

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Organic Designs with Cod, straw bale, and Superadobe....

          One of the most wonderful aspects of building with earth and/or straw is the amazing flexibility which the materials have. Take a look at this image and see how an organic shape such as a shell has been turned into an addition onto the house. What a stunning idea and wonderful way to add character to your living space.

         This is something I will have to look at when building the Superadobe home!